My name is Ms. Burger and I am a second grade teacher in Orlando, Florida. I am originally from Tallahassee, Florida and I graduated from Flagler College with my degrees in Elementary Education and Exceptional Student Education. I am currently attending Florida State University to get my Master’s in Educational Administration and Leadership.

I am a fur momma to two adorable golden retrievers named Bella and Gaston and a bunny named Sir Fluffers!

I currently have a farmhouse/rustic themed classroom that also includes a hermit crab named Sebastian and an aquatic frog named Naveen. The school I work at is Title I, so it caters to lower socio-economic families.

I previously taught kindergarten for 3 years and fourth grade for 2 years, and have worked as a nanny, a music teacher for ages 4-18, a camp coordinator, a private tutor to 4th and 5th grade students, and a primary teacher at the Orlando Science Center.

I wanted to work with children since I was very young and I feel very blessed to be doing what I love!

I decided to open My Junior Burgers in December 2018 because I found a need for certain products and designs that cater specifically to our youngest learners as well as to children with little to no support at home. I also know how overwhelming it was for me when I first left school and joined the workforce so I wanted to do anything I can to help make that transition as seamless as possible for all beginning teachers!

I am of the belief that children learn best through play (I know, crazy right??) so my goal is to make every activity and every lesson as playful as possible!

I hope that my creations can help parents and educators in developing their children’s minds!

Quote of the Month:
“Good, Ms. Burger has logged off of Google Meet. Now we can make our plan to take over the world!”

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